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How to Send Big Files to Other People

By | September 10, 2008

Here’s probably the simplest and most effective way to share files from your computer with others—without clogging up other people’s email inboxes or having them ask you to resend it because they deleted the email by mistake. And without having to sign up for an account or anything fiddly. Promise. First off, go to drop.io (pronounced dropeeoh, apparently).… Read More »

When a Country Goes Dark

By | October 1, 2007

Ministers’ homes at the new capital, Pyinmana Burma has shown us that we’re not as clever, or free, as we thought we are. It’s a sign of how the Burmese generals don’t really understand things that it took them so long to cut off the Internet: Reporters without Borders and the Burma Media Association reported that the government… Read More »

The End of VoIP?

By | February 21, 2006

A provocative (or is it prophetic?) piece  from The Register’s Andrew Orlowski who sees the end of Skype and VoIP: It’s small, it’s boring and won’t turn any heads – but it probably spells the end of the road for Skype, Vonage and any other hopeful independent VoIP companies. It’s Nokia’s 6136 phone, which allows you to make… Read More »