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The Tag Report IV: A Chat With Joshua

By | January 28, 2005

Here’s a chat I had with Joshua Schachter, creator of del.icio.us: JW: ok good. shouldn’t take long. i just wanted to find out a bit about you, your motivation for setting up delicious, and the evolution of the tagging thing… Joshua: yes, it’s totally exploding recently Joshua: The short version: I started a website in 1998 or so;… Read More »

News: Flushing Nemo

By | July 2, 2003

 Wireless Flash reports that the movie Finding Nemo, about a fish that escapes from its tank by getting flushed down a dentist’s spitoon, is inspiring some idealistic kids to flush their pets down the toilet.     RotoRooter plumbers report their technicians in Los Angeles have “rooted out a whole zooyard of critters from American toilets including frogs,… Read More »