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Guerrilla Marketing Via Lederhosen

By | June 19, 2006

I’m getting a bit cheesed off with all the advertising/sponsorship shenanigans at the World Cup, and I’m not even there. The idea that you can only buy tickets using the sponsor’s credit card, that food like McDonalds and drink like Coke can somehow be an official partner of a sport, all seem to indicate a world gone mad,… Read More »

Unconscious Bandit Suspect Scratches Self

By | January 24, 2006

This news is not new, it’s not technology related, and it’s not particularly nice, but I like the way it’s written (thanks, Johnny). From The Post Online (Cameroon): Mob Justice In Bali:Three Suspects Lynched: Mob Justice In Bali:Three Suspects Lynched By Peterkins Manyong The third of the four suspect bandits dragged out of the police cell in Bali… Read More »