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PR, Bloggers and Teeth

Should PR people read blogs? Or more specifically, should PR people read the blogs of those people they’re pitching? Or, more specifically, should PR people read the blogs of people they’re pitching and take personal events, comments and references into account when they’re making their pitch? Answers to the first two questions are pretty obvious, but… Read More »

Loose Wire Blog Moves. Sort of

Loose Wire Blog has finally moved to loosewireblog.com. This won’t affect anyone that much, especially if they’ve never heard of or visited the blog before, but for those of you who do read it, first off, many thanks, and second off (that doesn’t sound quite right), this is, I hope, the first step in a redesign that will… Read More »

Trackback Spam, Praising Dvorak, Office Revenge And Other Byways On The Route To Where You’re Going

One of the scary, but compelling, bits of having a blog is seeing how people found you. TypePad offer referring addresses which make this very easy, but all it does is make you wonder whether most of the people visiting you are on their way to somewhere else. (It also reveals how well trackback spam works.)… Read More »

Blogger Gets A New Look

Google has given Blogger a new look, courtesy of a company called Adaptive Path, “the industry’s leading user-experience consultancy”. It’s not bad, certainly an improvement on the old interface. But is it enough to win over all the folk who have migrated to places like Typepad, which offer many more features? In a news release… Read More »

BlogJet Goes Commercial, But Is It Ready?

BlogJet, one of a handful of programs designed to make editing and posting to blogs easier, is now officially out of beta. BlogJet 1.0 works with Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, Blogware, MovableType, b2, .Text, pMachine, DasBlog and others. It uses a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that “enables users to insert bullets,… Read More »