Loose Wire Blog Moves. Sort of

By | February 15, 2006

Loose Wire Blog has finally moved to loosewireblog.com. This won’t affect anyone that much, especially if they’ve never heard of or visited the blog before, but for those of you who do read it, first off, many thanks, and second off (that doesn’t sound quite right), this is, I hope, the first step in a redesign that will make the site easier to use, and with more stuff in it.

Technically speaking, accessing loosewireblog.com would take you to the Typepad site via domain forwarding; now the site is actually mapped to the domain, so while the content can be seen at both addresses, it would be best if you use loosewireblog.com as your bookmark from now on. Thanks again for reading, and remember that emails and comments are always very welcome.

2 thoughts on “Loose Wire Blog Moves. Sort of

  1. pieman

    I found domain mapping to be quite a stressful experience, like moving house. Good luck with the redesign. As a blog evolves it’s essential to clear up the clutter, signpost stuff clearly. No easy task either. Took me a couple of months or more.


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