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The Moleskine Report, Part V

By | January 19, 2005

Further to my postings and column on the Moleskine notebook, here’s one final emai linterview with Patrick Ng, Hong Kong-based host of the upcoming Moleskine Art competition. I reproduce it in its entirely because Patrick has a very fresh and direct way of articulating the problem, and the solution: There is currently no substitute for pen and paper:… Read More »

News: Something For The Folk With Too Many Email Accounts

By | August 20, 2003

 If you’ve got a lot of email accounts, and access them from different kinds of gadgets, Danamail may interest you. It’s a new service that “lets you read and reply to all your email, from all your addresses, on any Internet-ready device, wherever you are.     Danamail consolidates all your email messages and attachments from multiple accounts… Read More »