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Nursery Rhymes: History’s Most Viral Startup?

By | March 31, 2011

(This is a copy of my weekly column for newspapers and radio.) As the father of a child born in the era between the first and second iPads, I am made acutely aware that technology is driving baby rearing–just as it is driving everything else. But I find the field surprisingly uneven. Nappies, for example. They’re definitely easier… Read More »

Dodgeball’s Adam’s Apple

By | May 16, 2005

Checking out the dodgeball Flash demo (dodgeball has just been acquired by Google). Am I the only person to notice that Randi has quite a prominent Adam’s Apple? Should someone tell Grellan that the woman he has a crush on may not be quite what she seems? Related Posts:Apple and Google AdWords October 5, 2005 Apple Takes on Evernote?… Read More »