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The Secret of Being Well-Read

By Jeremy Wagstaff If you’ve been following this column closely, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Really Simple Syndication, or RSS. I reckon it’s the single greatest thing to come out of the last few years on the Web. Well, that and Facebook. And Skype. And blogging. And disposable socks. (For those of you… Read More »

Scaling Business Card Mountain

By Jeremy Wagstaff One day everyone will be beaming/Bluetoothing their business cards to people, or sending them via email as soon as they get home from the Taiwanese Horticulture Convention. But for now we’re stuck with mountains of them on our desk, waiting for that moment that never comes when we might actually do something… Read More »

When the Browser Grows Up

Google this week (eds: Tuesday 3/9/08) launched its own browser. Here Jeremy analyses its significance for the general user. By Jeremy Wagstaff Geeks have gotten very excited about the launch of Google’s own browser, called Chrome. But what does it mean for us ordinary mortals? Well, in the short term, not very much. But further… Read More »

The Pitfalls of Facebook

Facebook just grew up and gave some of its users a shock they probably deserve. You might even have been one of them. You may have received a message from a friend already on Facebook; something that doesn’t sound like them, but hey, they might have been out partying when they wrote it: “have you… Read More »