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Chatting our way into trouble

The success of ChatGPT (in winning attention, and $10 billion investment for its owners, OpenAI) has propelled us much further down the road of adoption — by companies, by users — and of acceptance.

I’m no Luddite, but I do feel it necessary to set off alarums. We are not about to be taken over by machines, but we are bypassing discussion about the dangers of what this AI might be used for. This is partly a problem of a lack of imagination, but also because the development of these tools cannot be in the hands of engineers alone.

The Real Threat from AI

We are asleep at the wheel when it comes to AI, partly because we have a very poor understanding of ourselves. We need to get better – fast 2023-01-27 Clarification: I refer to ChatGPT throughout but it would be more accurate to call the interaction as being with GPT-3, the underlying technology driving ChatGPT, which… Read More »