How To Use Google To Get Round Super Injunctions

By | May 23, 2011

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As you may know there’s been lots of talk about a so-called super injunction taken out by a British footballer against revealing his name in connection with an affair he’s alleged to have had with a minor UK celebrity. One British newspaper has ignored the injunction, effectively identifying him. Twitter has also been abuzz.

It amused me to notice that Google has ignored the injunction, too, effectively.

With Google Instant autosearch on, start typing “super injunction footballer imogen” and the answer–or at least what everyone assumes is the answer will appear in the drop down list below. As I’ve illustrated above, but with the name blanked out.

I’ve talked about how to get the best out of this feature before. Check out Google Suggest: Your Company + Scam – loose wire blog

One thought on “How To Use Google To Get Round Super Injunctions

  1. Rupali

    Haha. That’s a great tip Jeremy. I typed, not just Imogen Thomas, but also other keywords for a host of scandalous stories and got accurate names and answers for most 😉


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