Has Quora Peaked?

By | March 22, 2011

This chart of traffic to Quora from Google Trends suggests that interest in Quora hit a peak in mid January and has fallen off sharply since then. I thought they did a great job of building not only interest but in getting interesting, cool, knowledgeable people in early on, so as content grew in size and quality, so did people’s appetite for invites. But what happens next?

Is there a danger that the more people come on board, the less impressive the content? Is Quora an example of how social media doesn’t always scale? (I’m beginning to ask the same question of comments on news websites, which have deteriorated markedly in the past couple of years.)

Anyway, I wish Quora luck, but I suspect one plank in their platform is going to have to be mobile. I want to be able to look at Quora and ask questions of it on the move, and right now, at least on Android, it’s only a third party app that lets me do that.

One thought on “Has Quora Peaked?

  1. Julio Romo

    Great point. The big issue that Quora had was the looming awakening of Facebook Questions out of beta, which happened this week. I do like Quora, but, Facebook is where the audience is. We shall wait and see what will happen.


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