Firefox’s Billion, Amazon’s Misstep, and Facebook’s Hole

By | July 31, 2009

Here’s another appearance on Radio Australia’s Breakfast Club, now called something else, which after a hiatus is back on every Friday—around 1.15 GMT.

Here’s the audio of the segment (about 10 minutes’ worth).

Here’s what I talked about:

One thought on “Firefox’s Billion, Amazon’s Misstep, and Facebook’s Hole

  1. Kreskowki

    Firefox is taking another huge step ahead. I like this browser the most and I hope that they soon will get rid of those nasty bugs that version 3.5 is filled with. I’m still using Firefox 2.0 because I find it less deceptive. But there is no doubt that soon I will have to switch to new browser. Maybe after they make some repairs first 😉


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