Radio Australia Topics, Feb 6 2009

By | February 6, 2009

What I talked about on the Radio Australia Breakfast Club today:

  • Everyone, it seems, is writing an iPhone app. Including a Singaporean 9-year old. Not surprising since half a billion apps have been downloaded since the app store went live six months ago. iPhone apps get security conscious: Bank Info lures the thief with juicy bank data but in fact transmits locational information to the owner. FoneJac will make your iPhone go off like a car alarm if someone picks it up.
  •  Google launches Latitude: Now you can see where your friends are, not where they say they are.
  • Pew Internet and American Life Project finds teens preferring SMS and instant messaging over email (d’oh) but also over social networks and virtual worlds. (Emily of points out that email was out from about 2004 in South Korea.)
  • A big step: Microsoft offers, not just a list of steps to fix a problem, but to do the steps for you, with its Fix It program. Good idea, or thin end of a dodgy wedge?

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