Radio Australia stuff, Jan 23 2009

By | January 23, 2009

For those listening to my slot on Radio Australia’s Breakfast Show, here’s what I was talking about:

  • Inauguration fever: How it may have tipped the way we use the Net, just like the election did. (People who weren’t there weren’t googling, they were twittering and facebooking.)
  • ‘Dark ages’ White House:The White House runs on ‘six year old versions of Microsoft software’; press office officials use Gmail. Website doesn’t get updated until evening of first day. Or is it a case of Macopia?
  • Shock, horror: Windows 7 might actually be quite good

and some stuff we didn’t have time to talk about, but which tickled me:

One thought on “Radio Australia stuff, Jan 23 2009

  1. Luke Slomka

    yep it is hard setting up mobile accounts here, also stopping the contracts is another nightmare


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