Facebook is Dead. I’m Not Being Facetious

By | April 15, 2008


Either there’s a glitch in Facebook, or else it’s dead. Well, not dead, exactly, but I noticed that, at nearly 10 pm, none of my friends have done anything today to merit appearing on the News Feed of stuff (see above).

(The News Feed, for those of you with real lives, lists recent activity by your friends in adding little widgets, updating their photos, tagging other photos, and all that sort of thing that merits an evening at home.)

(And no, I’m not filtering my News Feed at all:)


(And yes, I do have some friends. Well, Facebook friends. They’re like fairweather friends except they don’t even hang around when the weather’s good:)


Now, this could be a glitch. A glance at one of my most active Facebook chums indicated she’s accepted flowers, a caveman and a fire in the past hour.)

And we should distinguish between activities and updates. Status updates are still going fine: 22 of my chums have updated their status in the last six hours. But none, as far as I can work out, have added an application, tagged photos or done anything that merits being put into the News Feed (indeed a lot of the activity in the News Feed seems to be a couple of days old.)

To me that’s kind of significant. If my friends have tired of Facebook as a place to hang out and do stuff, then how long has it got left?

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