The Power Thieves

By | December 22, 2007


Why must those of us trying to find a power outlet feel like thieves?

I’m sitting here at KL International Airport at what seems like the only power outlet (found after asking an information officer who clearly had been asked before) in the place, between a vast Samsung TV blaring bad images of Turkey to zero people and the cleaners’ entrance.

At least there’s a power outlet: given my plane’s been delayed an hour, that’s the least I could hope for. But why should we have to put up with this kind of thing? Why should we be so inconvenienced? I want to see

  • a Wiki style database of power outlets at airports so we can pool our knowledge and
  • airports (and everyone else) to wake up to the fact that we’re taking up far less power than the Samsung TV.

Anyone care to join me? (Of course you may know a better place at KLIA, in which case I’d really love to hear from you…)

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7 thoughts on “The Power Thieves

  1. cat

    Sorry about your experience at KLIA.

    All the times, when I found myself with time to kill at airports, I always presumed that business lounges would be the place to charge up.

    Hadnt even known we could use public outlets!
    A nice Wiki-type resource tool would be helpful thanks very much!!!

  2. Alan A. Reiter

    Hi Jeremy,

    I’ve always wondered, as I’ve wandered around airports with my head down as try to scope out electric outlets, whether I’m going to be collared by a security agent asking what I’m doing!

    I feel your pain.

    A wiki would be a great idea. I wonder if any of the travel sites have airport-specific information about this.

  3. Scott_H

    There’s not much out there, but here’s one: [edited; think this is better link]

    Regarding the bathroom, there tends to be a bit too much water in the sink area for my taste (ignoring for the moment whether I would actually want to set my laptop down anywhere in a public restroom).

  4. T Coyne

    I like to travel with a small 1 to 3 plug adapter. That way when someone is using the only outlets in the airport, we can share them.

    My two cents.


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