Doctor’s Decorating Taste

By | September 7, 2007

Maybe other countries are different, but where I live doctors don’t just put any old picture on the wall. They seem to prefer to scare the bejesus out of you with graphic cross sections of your innards, usually in a state of advanced decay. This one had a nice picture clock on the wall, featuring a charming young lady. Only upon closer inspection the blurb read “I beat Hep C” or something. Great. Good pickup line, lady.

Update: Popular request, here’s the clock:


apparently it comes from a Schering-Plough campaign of the same name.

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  1. PeachStatePam

    Cool Clock! Thank you for letting the rest of us know about it šŸ™‚ I wanted to add a little about Hepatitis C for those that don’t know!
    You should be tested for Hepatitis C if you:
    *Received blood, blood products, or an organ transplant prior to 1992
    *Ever shared drug paraphernalia
    *Ever been stuck by a used blood needle
    *Had a tattoo or body piercing
    *Been on kidney dialysis
    *Had sexual activity that involved contact with blood
    *Had a vaccination with a pneumatic jet gun injector (Military)
    *Shared personal care items with other people (razors, toothbrushes, nail clippers, etc.)
    *Work as a first responder (EMT, fireman, policeman, etc.) or in the health care field (Doctor, Nurse, etc.)
    *Been incarcerated
    *About 5% of children born to HCV+ mothers

    Hepatitis C patients outnumber HIV patients FIVE TO ONE! Please help get some badly needed funding!
    Read about Hepatitis C Epidemic Prevention and Control Act at:

    Write your Senator in 1 minute at:

    While living in Woodstock, GA several years ago, I became actively involved in a nonprofit called H.E.A.L.S of North Georgia (Hepatitis Education Awareness and Liver Support) and we have recently changed the name to H.E.A.L.S of the South. We have websites at , , and
    Stop by and visit!

    Also stop by My Space at and read a great liver transplant story at



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