Overloading a Brain

By | August 6, 2007

I’ve written too much of late about PersonalBrain, so I’m not going to do so anymore — at least here. Instead I’ve started a Google Group for those of us interested in exploring how to use the tool, but not necessarily so excited about it we want to follow all its ins and outs. For such folk there are the PersonalBrain forums and newsgroups.  

For now you need to sign up to join. If you’re new to PersonalBrain, or wondering about it, or are a user happy to share your experiences, please join. This is a non-technical group, and the emphasis is on usage rather than bugs, feature requests etc.

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One thought on “Overloading a Brain

  1. Brian Friedlander

    Hi Jeremy:
    I just started using the PersonalBrain am excited with all of the possibilities. I created some screencasts using the PersonalBrain on my blog that you may be interested in viewing. I joined your Google Group. Thanks

    Brian S. Friedlander


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