China Still the Big Bad Wolf

By | July 5, 2007

It’s not new but this chart from Sophos shows just how much of the bad stuff is coming from China. The chart shows the top ten countries hosting malware (viruses etc) in June. China is usually top, and is likely to remain so with nearly 60% of the world’s bad stuff sitting on its computers:


Most of these websites are legitimate sites — they’ve just been hacked by the bad guys. Someone one day is going to make a lot of money cleaning up those computers.

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One thought on “China Still the Big Bad Wolf

  1. Robert

    Hi Jeremy

    Good blog! Rotten Chinese viruses. This has been the case for a looong looong time. If only they’d play ball and, oh I dunno, lock down unnecessary ports, do some scanning, and cooperate with worldwide virus trackers, these numbers might decrease. Here’s hoping.

    there are some dollar, er, yuan signs out there.



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