Twitters: Poetry or Drivel? Part II

By | May 5, 2007
Nick Carr’s interesting take on Twitters: does their brevity make them meaningful or just another channel of crap? Three quick points:

+ Twitters, like blogs, run the gamut from poetry to drivel
+ One person’s drivel is another person’s poetry: It usually depends on whether you know them or not
+ This has more to do with America’s late awakening to the cultural shifts of SMS which the rest of us got used to more than five years ago.

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James Governor has posted two love notes to Twitter over the last couple of days. In the latest, he argues that Twitter’s 140-character limit promotes brevity. He says that the suggestion that you can’t be “either deep or meaningful” in 140 characters or fewer is nonsense – it’s “evidence of the verbosity of our culture.”

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