How Couriers Help Scammers

By | April 24, 2007
Bruce Schneier talks about how to get around blocks on U.S. eretailers refusing to ship to Russia: put the correct address but the wrong country (in this case Canada.)

Indonesian credit card fraudsters have long been doing this, usually putting the country as Singapore. I suspect they still do it.

Of course it’s a reflection of both the professionalism and the lack of thought of couriers. On the one hand they try to serve the customer; on the other hand they fail to recognise the scam that’ they’re unwittingly aiding. I was always amazed at how little they seem to consider their customer’s interests in this.

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What happens next? The parcel travels to Canada, to the area to which the specified ZIP code belongs and there postal workers just see it’s not a Canadian address but Russian. They consider it to be some sort of mistake and forward it further, to Russia.

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