Has Anyone Resigned From aSmallWorld Yet?

By | April 16, 2007
A friend pointed me to aSmallWorld, the networking site that will only take members invited by other members (my friend wasn’t a member.) I can understand the benefits of this (I have hundreds of contacts on LinkedIn but know about two of them) but it was the service’s blurb that amused me — I can’t help imagining lots of hopeful folk sitting around patiently hoping to get an invite. I just hope I get one so I can employ Groucho’s well-worn resignation cable.

clipped from www.asmallworld.net
We have imposed certain criteria in order to keep the network exclusive. To join, you need to be invited by a trusted member.

If you have not received an invitation, you can ask your friends to invite you. If you have no friends who are members yet, please be patient.

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