Bot, Go Out and Do My Bidding

By | April 13, 2007
This week’s column (behind a subscription wall, I’m afraid) is on how we need to get ready for the day when chatbots go out and do our bidding for us. Literally, possibly, but if nothing else to go out and do the pre-flirting bit of online dating. 
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Expect a future where we don’t interact with other people. Instead, we’ll send our “cyber double” out to interact with other people’s “cyber doubles” until things get interesting. Then, and only then, will real people take over.

This is the vision of Liesl Capper, whose Sydney-based RelevanceNow! last week launched an early version of MyCyberTwin (, a service that allows you to create and hone an online version of yourself. Your cyber twin will then chat on your behalf on instant messaging, your blog or your MySpace page. Eventually much of what you do online will be left to your cyber double, indistinguishable from the real thing (you). As Ms. Capper puts it: “You can be you, even when you’re not you.”

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