The Holes We Slip Through

By | March 6, 2007
This interesting tool, tho too nerdy for me, highlights one of the stupid holes that make technology a still frustrating exercise for most of us. You’re heading out the door for a meeting, you have the person’s phone number and pant size (don’t ask) in your computer but not in your phone, and yet there’s no simple way to get these bits of information from one to another without some laborious syncing, or emailing. In most cases I find myself printing out a whole page, or scrawling down the phone number on the back of a condom. Why do these little holes in our technology world still exist, and why can’t we fix them?

clipped from

Windows only: Zap that phone number, grocery list or set of driving directions directly from your PC desktop to your cell phone with Clipboard2Phone.


Clipboard2Phone is a simple script that emails the contents of your clipboard to your cell phone with a key combination you define. Especially useful for sending phone numbers to your mobile – which will most likely make that number callable in one click – Clipboard2Phone comes in handy for quickly transferring any kind of information you need on the go, like a todo list, shopping list, driving directions or just a reminder to your future self.

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