The Name’s Bristly. Sickling B. Bristly.

By | December 15, 2006

I don’t want to encourage spammers because, frankly, they’re so out of control even people who don’t have email accounts are getting spam, but you have to admire the creative ones. I’m a sucker for a good ‘from’ name, so here are a few more (not that these are as good as earlier ones; you know who you are, and we expect better):

Assent. V. Brainstorm
Virgie Hightower
Levity S. Heehawed
Bazooka I. Cultivation
Netzahualcoyotl R. Rocker
Cynics G. Jauntiest
Invincibly B. Haycock
Isthmi B. Troubling
Pauperized V. Denote
Anemone P. Tarrier
Misery D. Converters
Rapist O. Renew
Sickling C. Bristly
Beguiled A. Lousy

Not about to call my kids these names. But I’m open for offers. Spammers: If you’re going to spam us, at least entertain us.

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