Loose Bits, Nov 7 2006

By | November 7, 2006
  • Bleeding Edge, always worth a look, points to a new Firefox extension for saving material off the web: Zotero. It not only does a great job of storing globs of web pages or the whole thing but it has an academic bent too, allowing you to store bibiographic information too. That said, it’s not musty: It lets you assign tags to stuff you’ve saved, lets you relate one item to another, and makes exporting everything you’ve saved pretty easy too. Reminds me a little of the excellent ScrapBook, another clip-saving tool. Full, updated Loose Wire list of them here.
  • Jeff Jarvis at BuzzMachine pours a little cold water over Boratmania. Part of me agrees with him; I’ve only been able to take Ali G and Borat in small doses (though we do have all the DVDs.) The best bit is actually watching my wife laugh at his antics. Trust me: Cohen crosses most cultural boundaries.
  • Playing around with a newsreader called Omea, which I like. I have stuck with FeedDemon, but its lack of support for Firefox and memory appetite, has pushed me to find alternatives. What’s your favorite aggregator?

3 thoughts on “Loose Bits, Nov 7 2006

  1. Nick Bradbury

    I’m confused by your statement that FeedDemon doesn’t support Firefox. FeedDemon supports using any external browser you like – just enable the option to open external links in your default browser (on the ‘Browsing’ tab in FeedDemon’s options).

  2. Nick Bradbury

    Yes, that’s correct. FeedDemon relies on the Mozilla ActiveX Control when embedding Mozilla, and unfortunately this control is no longer developed/maintained by the Mozilla team. Because of this, it’s not possible to reliably embed Mozilla inside FeedDemon (of course, this isn’t specific to FeedDemon – any Windows app that wants to embed Mozilla will have the same problem).


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