Adobe Falls Behind the Blogging Curve

By | October 9, 2006

Amit Agarwal at Digital Inspiration points to Adobe’s new version of Contribute 4.0, which now lets you compose blog posts from within Microsoft Office. As Amit points out, who is going to shell out $150 for something which Windows Live Writer and a host of other tools let you do for free?

(These tools allow people with blogs to write their posts while they’re not online. I use them because I don’t like working inside a browser for reasons I haven’t really explored. Mainly, I think it’s because keyboard shortcuts don’t work very well in the browser-based software that players like Typepad offer. I have other grumbles: The silly restrictions on window size in which one can type, the dearth of options for inserting images, and perhaps most importantly the difficulty of moving between web pages and editor when they’re in the same browser.)

That said, Contribute is primarily web publishing software, and while blogging is now well supported with a range of good tools, updating non-blog pages is still a major nuisance. Might be worth trying out just for that.

One thought on “Adobe Falls Behind the Blogging Curve

  1. bibliobibuli

    hi Jeremy.. it was really good to meet you at Bali and share a bloggers panel. hope the book is doing well

    i like to compose withing the browswer even though i know i could do it more easily in word. why? psychological reasons! when i feel i’m blogging and connected to the world out there i write much more quickly and fluently. illogical.


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