Podcast: Satellites and Publishers

By | September 18, 2006

Another in what I hope will be a more regular offering of podcasts, not merely recordings of my slot

on the BBC World Service Business Daily but also interviews and other snippets that came my way in the course of my work. This week: a look at hacking into satellites, via an interview with Bellua’s Jim Geovedi and Raditya Iryandi. A link to their actual presentation will follow shortly. Also in the podcast is an interview with Mark Hanusz, owner of Equinox Publishing, which just happens to be publishing my book. How many plugs am I going to make for this book before you complain?      

As ever, if you want to subscribe to an RSS feed of this podcast you can do so here, or it can be found on iTunes. My Loose Wire column for The Wall Street Journal Asia and WSJ.com, can be found here (subscription only; sorry.)      

Thanks for listening, and comments, as ever, welcome.

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