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By | June 7, 2006

Further to my rant about IntelliTXT and its interstitial ads (why do I think they’re called that? No one else seems to think so. Maybe I just like saying “interstitials”), here’s a great tip from Amy Gahran at Poynter Online, on blocking Flash-based ads, using a Firefox plugin called Flashblock. She has this message for news websites (or any websites) that rely on these intrusive ads:

I’m sorry if Flash-based ads are a cornerstone of your online business model. But frankly, basing your business model on something that annoys people is probably not a sound approach in an age where audiences exercise ever-finer control over the media they receive. Fighting human nature is always bad business in the long run.

Hear hear.

One thought on “Block That Flash

  1. cyril

    I have been using the AdBlock and the AdBlock FilterSet G.Updater extensions in firefox and i had actually forgot about that form of ads 🙂 I remember seeing them for a short time and then they were sent to the land of bad ideas by these extensions. When i click on the gadgeeter page about solar garden stones the only link i see is the smarthomes one. No slowing of my reading, thanks…


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