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By | May 29, 2006

Further to my post about the dearth, despite millions of dollars of aid, of any local Timorese media outlet reporting the chaos/civil war going on Timor Lorasae, here are some bloggers who stepped into the breach. Of course, they probably have satellite connections, but they convey authentic and powerful accounts of what they’ve seen:

  • Diligence, “Random observations from an English speaking foreigner in Dili, Timor-Leste”. Still in Dili, it seems. “I can’t see things improving greatly for a number of days except if you are journalist. For them, this is what they get up in the morning for.” Er, true.
  • Lookingglass View, Sue. Nicely written. Still there it seems: “What kind of world do we live in when a 3-year old knows that a Blackhawk means you are safe?”
  • Dili-Dallying, “Two years in Timor-Leste”. “As I sit here, typing this post, I can hear the sound of gun and mortar fire. It’s been going on for four hours already.”
  • tumbleweed in timor lorasae, Singaporean Bridgette, who writes trenchantly and well. She left at the weekend, but is still in contact with folk in Dili. “The police man died. NO ONE should die this way.”

Some good writing in here. Thank God for blogs.

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