The Gates Are Open, Phishers Welcome

By | February 23, 2006

I’m probably naive, but I’m gobsmacked that, nearly 24 hours later, a phishing website is still active despite my alerting the registrar and host of the domain in question. The only access was via a form so I’m not able to record my email to them but it was shortly after I posted the comment above.

I’ve not been able to contact the bank in question because there’s no media contact that I can find on their website. The scam has been recorded here and the Halifax website seems to be down so perhaps something is happening. But why is the original phishing site still up? And why don’t banks have an easy way for members of the public (or journalists, for that matter) to alert them to such scams? Millers Miles, which records phishing attacks, has recorded more than a dozen against the Halifax in the past year. 

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2 thoughts on “The Gates Are Open, Phishers Welcome

  1. Terrence Pihlgren

    I had a similar experience.
    Which bank?
    Sent me an email telling me my online banking had been cancelled because of repeated improper passwords being entered.
    I contacted the bank by phone and told them the attempts were not by me, and were probably fraudulent.
    Their response was, don’t worry it’s probably just another customer entering the wrong data.
    That’s it no investigation, nothing!!!!!

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