How to Run Away From Girls

By | February 19, 2006

It’s not nice being chased by girls at school, especially if your shoes keep falling off. Which is why 8–year old Sean Downey decided to invent the Run-Away Shoes, according to the New Bern Sun Journal:

“Girls kept chasing me, and my shoes kept falling off,” the second-grader at New Bern’s Trent Park Elementary School said. “So, I put Velcro on the shoes and on my pants and made them catch together.”

The Run-Away Shoes are a pair of jeans joined at the cuff to a pair of blue and gray sneakers. The picture below does a wonderful job of capturing the inventor, the invention, and (possibly) one of the sources of his problems:

The shoes are already a year old; the peg is that Mr. Downey is going to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show this week.

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