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By | January 6, 2006

Here’s a new  idea for non-intrusive advertising: T&S Advertising. It’s basically a way for your website to rent out space in the title bar of your browser and its status bar (the bit at the bottom) to outside advertisers. Like this at the top:


and this at the bottom:


The idea here is that such advertising doesn’t take up any extra space, isn’t intrusive and could be easily configurable. A website would rent out space there in the same way it would rent out space to Google Ads, banner ads, or whatever. It’s the brainchild of a 23–year old Dutch student called Johan Struijk, who according to a press release made available yesterday hopes that

at only $1 per 1000 views this is a low cost but effective form of advertising. “I think this will mainly appeal to modern, forward thinking businesses,” Johan said, “and perhaps some of the larger blue chip companies who have established brand names and slogans.”

I’m not as convinced as he that this would take off big time since those places on a screen are so unobtrusive as to be invisible, but I could be wrong. And it’s good to see folks exploring ideas like this which don’t involve hoodwinking the user. Johan might want to run a spell checker over his website and press release, though, just so the blue chips take him seriously.

2 thoughts on “Non-intrusive Advertising in Your Browser

  1. Jeremy Wagstaff

    Certainly Firefox users wouldn’t see the status bar text unless they made changes in the Enable Javascript/Change Status Bar Text option.


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