More Newsmaps Via Auntie Beeb

By | December 3, 2005

A rather cool, and different, spin on the “newsmap” concept, from a guy called Fraser Nevett in Edinburgh: the BBC Programme Similarity Visualiser:


The selected programme is shown in the centre of the screen, coloured red. Similar programmes are positioned in concentric circles around the selected programme. The closer to the centre, the more similar the programmes are. Simply click a programme to see programmes related to it. Click and drag on the background to move the field of view. Use the search tool at the top right to find other programmes to analyse.

The tool is not officially connected to the BBC, but uses data from the corporation’s service.

Here’s another newsmap-type idea —  Mapsonomy, showing where recent news stories occurred (there’s also one for recent earthquakes):


Here’s one plotting recent local news stories in the UK on a GoogleMap (the story in question telling me more than I really want to know about the town of my birth):


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