Changing the Way We Drink

By | December 17, 2005

Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway has invented a device that lets him drinks his own urine:

Dean Kamen, famed inventor of the Segway vehicle, drank his own urine to the delight of a South Carolina audience. He was participating in a presentation of his latest gadget- a pee-purifying device that his company DEKA Research has developed.

He intends to solve the world’s water problem with this new invention– an energy efficient filtration system that can transform any water and convert it into drinkable H20. The device, still in prototype form, is ‘the size of a dorm-room fridge’.

Kamen owns one hundred and fifty patents and owns an island in the Long Island Sound. Bono is apparently interested in supporting this project and is being tapped for his high profile.

Actually sounds a great idea.

3 thoughts on “Changing the Way We Drink

  1. eric goldstein

    My first reaction to the headline of your post was that this seemed silly. But it seems to have incredible potential. I wonder if he will ever have a wallet-sized version so that you can basically drink one glass of water over and over your whole life.

  2. Akshay

    Surely NASA or other aerospace companies have similar technology? Or am I confusing real life with an Clarke/Assimov novel?


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