After, a Directory of Other Things Yahoo! Should Buy

By | December 10, 2005

The Loose Wire Yahoo Blessing continues, as gets bought by y.ah.oo!. From Joshua Schacter’s blog:

We’re proud to announce that has joined the Yahoo! family. Together we’ll continue to improve how people discover, remember and share on the Internet, with a big emphasis on the power of community. We’re excited to be working with the Yahoo! Search team – they definitely get social systems and their potential to change the web. (We’re also excited to be joining our fraternal twin Flickr!)

Congratulations, Joshua. A lot of people still don’t seem to get; I’m glad Yahoo! does. As Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! Search puts it:

And just like we’ve done with Flickr, we plan to give the resources, support, and room it needs to continue growing the service and community. Finally, don’t be surprised if you see My Web and borrow a few ideas from each other in the future.

It’s probably good news for, but there are those who think the touch of Yahoo! isn’t always as light as it could be. For my part I’m smugly totting up the services I’ve tried to champion over the years that have ended up getting bought by Yahoo! There was oddpost; Upcoming; Bloomba; Konfabulator and Flickr. Of course, lots of other people loved these products too, but it’s uncanny how I get excited about something and then Yahoo! wanders in and buys it.

So here are a few other things I like:

  • Text Monkey: Easily clean copied text
  • blummy: Great bookmarklet aggregator
  • MSGTAG – MessageTag: Email receipt alert
  • Klips: you got Konfabulator; buy the rest
  • Anagram: Translates copied text into Contact, Calendar, Task, and Note items for Outlook, Palm etc
  • Multiplicity: Control all your computers from one keyboard n mouse
  • TiddlyWikis: they’re not for sale but they’re great
  • ActiveWords: Do everything without leaving the keyboard
  • 37Signals: The whole Writeboard, Basecamp, Tadalist thing
  • Flock: great browser, good way to pull all Yahoo!’s juicy new bits together (thanks, Tom)
  • clipmarks: don’t save bookmarks, save clipmarks
  • MyInfo: free-form information organizer

Thassall for now.

11 thoughts on “After, a Directory of Other Things Yahoo! Should Buy

  1. Tom Raftery

    Jeremy – Don’t you think that after buying Flickr and, they’d now be looking at the application which ties these two together… Flock?

  2. John wag

    Seeing that the title says your are a columnist with a reputable newspaper, I was expecting you to be less of a shill for companies that make crappy apps. Oh well, shouldn’t have expected technological knowhow from a business columnist.

  3. Jeremy Wagstaff

    John, I’m assuming you’re not just being a troll here, and have a serious point to make: Which apps are ‘crappy’, exactly? Care to elaborate?

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  5. Nick Friedel

    Can anyone share their experience with using Easy Projects .NET? I am a no technician and would like to get a second optinion if it is really easy and intuitive.

  6. Nick Friedel

    Did anyone try Easy Project.NET? I am no technician and would like a second optinion on whether it is really as easy and intuitive as it is advertised?

  7. Brent Crouch

    I just submited one of my sites to the Yahoo Directory. I am curious to see if it makes any difference for SEO purposes.

  8. wire puller

    You can pull all these stuff not just from Yahoo but from the rest of the wires… That’s what newspapers do when they run out of news or features to fill in the sheets.


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