SkypeKiller Or PR Stunt?

By | November 20, 2005

Some people, we know, really don’t like Skype. A few people are now building a business on it. Now there’s SkypeKiller (“Your whole network Skype ridden for free”), a French program which will remove all traces of Skype from your network. As its homepage states:

With nearly 200 million downloads and 62 million regular users worldwide, Skype´s IP telephony service has become a real phenomenon.  However use in corporate networks can cause real problems:
* Uncontrollable bandwidth usage
* Uncertainty as to confidentiality
* Potential security flaws
* Productivity issues
* etc …

Thanks, Russell Shaw of ZDNet blogs, who walks us through how to use it. Unfortunately, “SkypeKiller” as a name is much more likely to be assumed to be a program that is better than Skype. And Stuart of Skype Journal reckons it’s more about cheap PR than being a serious tool.

2 thoughts on “SkypeKiller Or PR Stunt?

  1. François Amigorena

    Dear Jeremy,

    I am François Amigorena, IS Decisions’ CEO, SkypeKiller’s editor.

    I perfectly understand that a Skype fan could be upset by SkypeKiller release, but I assure you that SkypeKiller has been very carefully designed by a team of highly-qualified developers and IS a serious tool.

    SkypeKiller is indeed based upon RemoteExec’s technology, a universal deployer for Microsoft Windows systems, that
    allows network administrators to remotely install (or as in this case remove) from their desktop, all application and file types on all servers and workstations, throughout the network.

    RemoteExec is currently used by very serious international organizations, including:
    US Army, General Motors, Lockheed Martin, HSBC, American Express …

    I will be pleased to answer any queries about our software coming from your audience or yourself.

    Please feel free to contact me at

    Best regards,

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