PR Pushes TiddlyWikis

By | November 4, 2005

An interesting development, according to Netimperative – The UK PR industry gets online trade body:

Public Relations Online (PRO), a new UK forum designed to promote the role of the Internet in the PR industry, has launched this week. The forum aims to educate the PR industry about the technologies and techniques needed to respond to the challenges of online communications. PRO is being launched by digital PR firms Market Sentinel and immediate future.

They are joined by contributors from Abakus Internet Marketing, Blogging Planet, Brand Energy Research, Creative Virtual, Custom Communications, Internet Reputation Services, Onalytica, Sitelynx and Tiddlywiki.

 Must confess I haven’t heard of any of those, but I love TiddlyWiki (shame they spelt it wrong.) I would love to see that tool go mainstream. If you haven’t checked out what it’s all about, do so. It’s basically a personal database in a single HTML file. There’s a great website dedicated to tips about using TiddlyWikis, a tutorial and a world map of TiddlyWiki users, courtesy of Frappr (I’m on it and I’m pumped to see how many users there are in this corner of the globe, although I still seem to be the only one working out of Indonesia.)

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