Keeping Windows Under Control

By | November 14, 2005

Whenever I’m on the road I’m always cursing the missing second monitor I have at home. Geez, I miss it. So I’ve always been looking for a program that would let me manage the smaller screen estate I have. I’ve tried WindowSizer a powerful add-on to the Windows® OS. Use it when you’re working with multiple windows you’d like to view at the same time — but I wonder whether there are others (Windows or Mac) that simply and easily let you organise windows on the screen so you can see what is going on, so you can drag stuff from one window to another, so you can easily compare documents. Is there something? I can’t find anything.

4 thoughts on “Keeping Windows Under Control

  1. lyndonk

    I feel your pain. When at work I ‘pine for my dual set up at home.

    To help ease the pain, I have come across a very nice virtual desktop for windows: AltDesk from

    you might check this one out. I liked it so much I paid the measly 15$ to register it.



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