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By | October 11, 2005

Good list by Steve Rubel of Bookmarklets Every Blogger Should Have:

Here’s a bunch of bookmarklets that I use every day in Firefox. I highly recommend them. To use these, drag each one individually into your Favorites or Links toolbar (in IE), or your bookmarks folder/toolbar in Firefox

Good stuff. What I’d like to find is an extension to the toolbar in Firefox that let me add more bookmarklets (God, I hate that term. Anything ending in -let is ripe for extermination). Anything out there?

3 thoughts on “The Bookmarklet

  1. Stephen Davies

    Don’t think there are, I’ve been looking for exactly the same.

    All I do now is abbreviate each bookmarklet so I can fit more along the toolbar.

    Right click on bookmarklet — Properties and then change the name. If you abreviate them you can fit a lot more on.

  2. shantanuo

    You can create a folder on the Bookmarks toolbar. Then Drag and drop the bookmarklets or links from website or address bar onto the yellow folder icon.
    (Right click on the bookmarks toolbar and choose New Folder)


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