By | October 3, 2005

EVDB.com, a calendaring whats-on website I mentioned a few months back in a column, has renamed and relaunched itself, as Eventful. A Letter from the CEO explains some of the changes:

Among today’s changes, you’ll notice lots of new capabilities on the search front. You can now search for events, venues, calendars, and users. We’ve added a “When” filter so you can see how many events are happening today or at some point in the future, as well as what events have happened in the past.

We’ve also added the ability for users to connect with other users online: you can mark other users as friends, family, or contacts, and then create events or calendars whose access is limited to just friends, family, or contacts. We’ve had lots of requests for private events — here they are!

Nice work, and nice interface. Also includeds iCal and RSS support.

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