iTunes 5 and the Ordinal 21 Error

By | September 10, 2005

Anyone having problems installing iTunes 5.0 and encountering the error message The ordinal 21 could not be located in the dynamic link library MAPI32.dll might try the following. It worked for me:

  • Locate Fixmapi.exe (it’s usually in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder. More details here and here.)
  • Run it (double click on it).
  • Not much visible will happen but next time you load iTunes you should not have any problems.

28 thoughts on “iTunes 5 and the Ordinal 21 Error

  1. Mark Sicignano

    My problem was an Ordinal 140 error, but my fix was similar.

    Additionally, when I ran Eudora (my mail client), the problem in iTunes returned.

    So here is what I did to fix it permanently:

    Run fixmapi.exe as Jeremy described above.

    Then copy “mapi32.dll” from C:windowssystem32 into the iTunes program folder (usually c:program filesitunes).

    This causes iTunes to always use that copy of mapi32.dll, and when you run Eudora again, it won’t break iTunes.

    If Apple fixes this problem down the road, you can just delete that extra copy of mapi32.dll from the iTunes folder.

    How’d this one slip past their QA department?

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  3. d macneil

    Thanks for posting this info, it helped me
    repair my itunes after itunes 5.0
    damaged the mapi32.dll, spent 2 hours
    on the phone with apple before this, and even
    after I fixed it they still will not admit
    it was their fault. They basically said
    it was my pc only.


  4. KLF

    Well, you were the first link in Google when I tried to figure out the ITunes 5.0 problem, and it worked! Many thanks!

  5. Sandy

    Thanks, FixMAPI did the trick.
    I’m wondering why iTunes needs MAPI32.dll – does it use the Messaging API to send e-mails? Perhaps for the iTMS?
    Apart from iTunes, the MAPI32.dll version problem is not new, it’s caused problems with mail clients that use the Messaging API including Novell GroupWise & Microsoft Outlook, that’s why FixMAPI.exe is now included with Windows (and there’s a group policy option for Outlook 2003 to automatically run FixMAPI if Outlook has a problem).

  6. Anne

    Thanks! Quick fix for a stubborn problem…surprised as this is the first glitch I’ve ever had with the Ipod/Itunes…it was making me rethink my PC-status!

  7. Dave

    Thanks so much for this fix – glad it was the first answer in google. If this is a common problem, why don’t they post a solution?

    pretty typical of these types of organisations…

  8. pixelpro

    WOW!! I tried EVERYTHING and this worked like a charm. I even had the Eudora problem and copying the mapi32.dll into the iTunes directory solved the problem permanantly.

    I found this solution by googling the “Ordinal 21 Error” . . . gotta love Google. Thanks all!

  9. Frank Bollinger

    Thanks for the Ordinal 21 error tip. I just encountered the provlem tonight and your suggestion fixed it right away. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling (Which didn’t solve the problem) before doing a Google search that led me to this site.

  10. paul

    ive tried everything from above but i still get the…cannot find MAPI32.dll message

  11. Mike L

    This fixed problem with Corel Corp. Photo Album 6. I searched all over Apple’s and Corel’s sites to not avail. This is very much appreciated!

  12. Mark

    This fixed my Outlook Express which would not open at all!
    Thank you.

  13. Dirk St

    This realy works! Wow! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Fixed my problem with VLounge that came with my web cam from Philips.

  14. Chuck

    I just want to point out that I have the same problem — I fix MAPI32, then it breaks again. I don’t have iTunes; it is breaking another program. But here is the common thread: Eudora. So I’m pointing the finger at Eudora. I noticed some people blaming Apple, but why blame Apple for not testing iTunes with Eudora? It’s not their fault a not-so-common e-mail program breaks MAPI32.


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