A Backpack Widget

By | July 15, 2005

For Backpack fans and Mac users, a widget from Chipt Productions, LLC: which interfaces with Backpack using an API they supply. In order to use it, you will need your API Key.

Neat stuff. When will a Klips or Konfabulator version be available for mere Windows mortals?

4 thoughts on “A Backpack Widget

  1. Chris

    I’ve been looking for the same thing. (and found your site) Something equivalent for Windows. Any luck thus far, by chance?

  2. Steve

    This shouldn’t be too hard, the backpack API is very simple. I played around with C# and had a little test app that could add or parse bp pages in a couple of hours — I wanted something I could run on my pocket pc phone. I’m going nuts waiting 🙁 Maybe somebody will your blog entry and get off his/her bottom…. I wish I had time to work on it…

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