The Future Of Organizers? wikidPad Goes Open Source

By | June 9, 2005

If you like wikis, you might like to know that one of the best self-contained wiki Windows programs, wikidPad, is now open source at

wikidPad is a wiki-like notebook for storing your thoughts, ideas, todo lists, contacts, or anything else you can think of to write down.

Its author, Jason Horman, released the code late last month, after posting this explanation a month or so back:

I have (clearly) had no time lately to work on wikidPad. I am currently involved with two other startup companies that are eating away all of my time. So what to do? While I enjoy the modest extra income it provides I think that it could be so much cooler than it currently is. In the past few months it seems that more developers have been playing with the platform, and some have been offering to help out in some capacity. I would love to see wikidPad evolve into something incredibly cool. So, I have been thinking of open sourcing it. I haven’t done this before so there are some core questions. I would appreciate feedback/discussion on how to proceed.

WikidPad is a great way to handle notes, and I for one am very optimistic that this sort of thing can move further to centre stage. To be able to cross reference everything just simply by making the words ‘wiki-ed’ is a wonderful tool. There’s a Mac tool that does this in a very similar way, although the name escapes me for the moment.

Good luck, folks, taking this forward, and thanks to Jason for making a gift of this very promising tool.

3 thoughts on “The Future Of Organizers? wikidPad Goes Open Source

  1. Tom Raftery

    “There’s a Mac tool that does this in a very similar way, although the name escapes me for the moment”

    Would that be VoodooPad, Personal Wiki, or MoinX?

  2. Adriano Simon

    Try ConnectedText. It is a truly personal wiki. Store all revisions, compares them. Wikidpad is more tree structured note repository. I think ConnectedText is a real wiki in every sense.

  3. Ahmed

    Adriano Simon: I disagree. wikidPad is a complete and genuine wiki system. It’s free, simple and has all the ConnectedText features.


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