6 thoughts on “Telephishing

  1. Andy

    xetrade (currency conversion) did the same thing. the daft thing is that they expect you to email passport/social security photos to an email address. No encrypted upload facilities or anything and we all know that email can be easily intercepted……
    btw, your comment script is broken as it doesnt accept http://absoblogginlutely.net as a url.

  2. wicak

    Hi Jeremy, i actually did something similar to you, I asked for verification and the lady got upset!

    so, i’m not sure what to do in cases like that… the banks just assume when they call that we instantly recognize them… sheesh…

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  4. BV

    Same with me. That guy from Xetrade phones me asks me all the personal information(though I have sent most by email, Bank account numbers etc- He says verification). and finally whst is my SSN. I told him to stop asking and close the topic.

    It seems that XEtrade is good elsewhere but not in US.

    If XETRDE is so good, whey don’t they have a secure web account system with have your SSN entered before registeration.Most of the US banks do this to open the account

    With all respect I have my own doubts about Xetrade and can not take risk if these are the practices followed

  5. jay

    Extrade do now have a secured site. After giving them 5 times more information than I have ever been asked for. I sent back and front of Driv. Lic, bank statement x 2, Utilliy bill and then they ring you and want how much how often, the use, how I got the money and then more private stuff and then other bank account details. STOP STOP STOP !!! No way thats it. It ended in having no account. I am now afraid of identity theft. Great what.


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