Firefox Moves To Mass Market?

By | June 11, 2005

NetApplications, a ‘leader in Web-based applications that measure, monitor and market Web sites for the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)’, says (no permalink available) that Firefox “continues to sway users away from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer”.

Firefox reached 8% during the month of May up from 7.38% in April. Firefox’s gain is Microsoft’s loss whose base dipped to 87.23% in May down .77% from April of 2005. Safari also gained a modest tenth of a percentage posting 1.91% in May 2005. Most other browsers experienced little change during the same time period.

NetApplications says IE is losing “an average of .5 to 1% loss of users each month.”  Notes Dan Shapero, Chief Operating Officer of NetApplications: “FireFox is gaining traction with early adopters and its popularity and adoption rate are starting to tap into mass-market acceptance as buzz continues to build.”

May 2005 Browser/Market Share:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer – 87.23%
  • Firefox – 8.06%
  • Netscape – 1.64%
  • Safari – 1.91%
  • Mozilla – 0.58%
  • Opera – 0.51%
  • Other – 0.07%

The data was collected from over 40,000 global Web sites.

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