Coming To Your Phone Soon: Sparklines

By | June 8, 2005

For sparkline enthusiasts: The guys at Bissantz tell me their SparkTicker is now available for download, creating sparklines for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML and information tickers:

SparkTicker exports your data to both your personal ticker on your screen and/or a marquee you can post on a website, see the top of this page for examples.
Download area

SparkTicker Excel Add-in requires Microsoft Office 2000, XP or 2003 and the .NET Framework. You are free to evaluate SparkTicker in a non-productive environment. Please note that SparkTicker is still in beta phase. Download and install is at your own risk.

What’s perhaps most interesting about all this is Bissantz’s idea that sparklines might work on cellphones:

Sparklines not only make sense as a powerful means to increase the analytical depth of a text, they can also add information where space is scarce. Imagine your company’s most critical performance measures being sent to your cell-phone, while your away from the office. Or get the updated seasonal data of your favourite soccer team the minute the last game is over.

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