6 thoughts on “BBC Gives Away Beethoven

  1. Jeremy Pepper

    That’s so great. Too bad there’s no RSS feed, so I can automatically be told when the next concerts are ready for downloading.

  2. pieman

    Thanks, hat’s great. I always say to friends in the UK who grumble about crap TV and license fees etc. in blighty that they should try the Asian equivalent, hell even the French can’t do TV. Brit public broadcasting is absolutely the dog’s bollocks. No contest. IMO.

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  4. wordwise

    As a British ex-pat who stopped watching TV in the US more than a decade ago, I was privileged to see some of a recent BBC series on the human body. It was extraodinary not just for its subject matter, high production values and presentation, but also for the boldness of its content: The program on adolescence covered territory that simply could never have been approached in the US – even on PBS. It says a lot about the value of a *free* society, the kind that most Americans can’t even imagine.


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