A New Way To Grab Stuff

By | June 22, 2005

The folks at EverNote tell me that version 1.0 for Windows is officially launched today:

As you may recall, EverNote lets you place all of your notes and content (web clips, images, text, passwords, to dos, etc.) on an endless, instantly searchable, digital roll of paper. Our founder, Stepan Pachikov, likes to say that EverNote gives users that much sought after ‘perfect photographic memory’ — a single place for all your info, accessible anytime, any place.

Some new features for those familiar with the earlier beta version:

  • – A Web Clipper where you can instantly export web content into EverNote from IE or Firefox. Our beta users have found this helpful for quickly capturing content while reading news, researching or shopping online;
  • New category icons (over 50), where you can easily assign icons to identifiable individual categories, such as Web Clips, Business, Personal, Travel, Shopping and more;
  • Ability to email or print notes;
  • Backup support;
  • Extensive improvements to categories, tool tips and keyboard shortcuts (a new total of 80).

Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a way to store data from the web on the fly.

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