The Power Of Wikis, The Power Of Tags

By | May 27, 2005

I’m really getting into these client-side wikis. This one is especially cool — TiddlyTagWiki – Micro-content with the power of tags … — and is a great example of using tags on one’s own computer to tag one’s private content:

Welcome to TiddlyTagWiki – an adaptation of Jeremy Ruston’s TiddlyWiki. It’s a simple, self-contained, client-side, personal publishing engine. It’s a single web page containing all the content you create and the logic to link it all together. This makes it fast and portable.

The addition of TiddlyTags allows you greater control over how you group together your chunks of MicroContent.

Definitely worth a play.

One thought on “The Power Of Wikis, The Power Of Tags

  1. Scott

    I think one good use of the TiddlyWiki is that you can write a nice “About” page for your website. Visitors can get a quick overview of who you are, or delve deeper, depending on level of interest. For example there’s mine at


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